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Sustainable Travel

Embark on a guilt-free getaway and travel sustainably when you check into one of our Flemings Hotels.

We take great pride in our family heritage. This allows us to add a unique and personal touch to your stay, setting us apart from the more impersonal hotel chains. Our unwavering dedication ensures that we consistently deliver the highest level of hospitality, as we strive to improve every facet of our service.

Inspired by the values of our founder, Ignaz B., we have identified the distinctive elements that set us apart. They are not dictated by market trends or research, but born from our genuine passion and firm belief in creating an enriching and memorable experience for every guest.

Sustainability @ Flemings Hotels:

  • 100% green energy: All our hotels in Germany are powered entirely by eco-friendly electricity.
  • Solar initiatives: We've launched our first photovoltaic project to harness solar energy.
  • Water conservation: Water-saving showerheads and faucets have long been our standard
  • Consumption monitoring: We closely track energy and water usage, incorporating the data into our regular performance management efforts.
  • Energy efficiency: We focus on smart consumption and have rethought initiatives accordingly. For instance, rooms are cleaned every two days instead of daily, saving water, energy, and cleaning products. Our air conditioning systems also have set min/max temperatures.
  • Sustainable travels by mobility concepts: We embrace urban mobility with offerings like the Free City Ticket in Wuppertal, electric vehicle charging stations, rental bicycles, and centrally located hotels with excellent public transport connections.
  • Paperless operations: Our staff primarily work paperless to conserve resources.
  • Eco-friendly printing: We print exclusively on recycled paper with environmental certifications, and our inks are free of mineral oil.
  • Digital check-In: Flemings Hotels has started transitioning to digital check-in processes in our midscale hotels, eliminating the need for paper-based check-outs.
  • Sustainability certifications: We are proud to have received certifications such as the "Austrian Ecolabel" and the "EU Ecolabel" for the Fleming Selection Hotel Wien-City and Flemings Hotel Wien-Stadthalle, as well as the "HRS green score."


  • Breakfast: Our focus is on providing breakfast options that are regional, sustainable and healthy. We work with local traditional bakeries that use only local ingredients and avoid chemical additives.
  • Occhio D'Oro: Experience authentic Florentine cuisine prepared in an open show kitchen. The chef emphasizes the genuine flavors of Tuscan dishes, emphasizing high quality and freshness through seasonal ingredients. In addition, the use of fossil fuels such as gas stoves is avoided in favor of induction stoves.
  • New food & beverage concept: We have transitioned from a resource-intensive fine dining experience to a contemporary culinary journey at "Cucina da Nina" with a focus on vegetarian dishes.
  • Meetings & conferences: We offer regional, sustainable and vegetarian snacks for meetings and events. Our conference packages are enriched with vitamin-packed, "light, quick, & healthy" options.
  • To-go products: Items ordered to go are packaged in reusable containers provided by our partner, Vytal.

  • Quality and fair trade: Flemings Hotels places great emphasis on using fair-trade, high-quality organic coffee beans sourced from regional roasteries, such as our partner Hoppenworth & Ploch in Frankfurt.
  • Every employee is a barista: At Flemings Hotels, we aspire to serve the finest coffee, and not just by a designated barista, but by everyone on our team. From the maintenance staff to the top management, all employees undergo barista training to ensure consistency and quality in every cup served.
  • Partnership with Hoppenworth & Ploch: As an ideal partner for Flemings Hotels, Hoppenworth & Ploch shares our vision to create a coffee concept that is sustainable, friendly and fair - a commitment that represents a significant financial investment. Together with Hoppenworth & Ploch, Flemings Hotels has developed sustainable coffee capsules for the Nespresso machines in our rooms. These capsules are filled with seasonal fair trade coffees that can be traced back to the individual farms.

  • Upcycling over new purchases: Flemings Hotel Munich-Schwabing is pioneering a new approach to renovation. As part of a new interior design concept, Flemings Hotels chose to repurpose furniture from their existing inventory rather than buy new. After meticulous restoration, these upcycled pieces blend seamlessly into the new look - a blend of contemporary and sustainable styles.
  • Layering concept in Frankfurt-City: The Flemings Selection Hotel Frankfurt-City unveils rooms created with a unique layering concept. The foundation features premium, natural materials in neutral yet bold tones. Refined shades of gray, beige and warm earth tones convey understated luxury and ensure timeless appeal. The tones are accented with pops of vibrant color from Le Corbusier's Polychromie palette. Such highlights are easily interchangeable to keep pace with evolving design trends. In addition, instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, the floors are adorned with smaller pieces of carpet designed for convenient cleaning or replacement as needed.

  • Gourmet meals for staff: Flemings Hotels provides delicious vegetarian meals for its employees, all of which are complimentary, including beverages.
  • Eco-friendly uniforms: Hotel staff wear elegant uniforms made from natural materials. These uniforms are provided and laundered by the hotel, ensuring comfort and style for the staff.
  • Flemings culture: Each hotel has a "Heart of the House" social room that serves as a communal space where diverse international teams can gather and socialize.
  • Flemings Care: The Flemings Care initiative is a foundation established by the family owners to support employees during difficult times.
  • Housing assistance: Flemings works with Flemings Asset Management GmbH to help employees find affordable housing.
  • Digital wellness: Employees have access to the "Humanoo" digital health app, which promotes well-being with regular inspiring challenges.
  • Trainee bonus: Trainees start with a second-year apprentice's salary, complete with a free transit pass.
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