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Do you already know our Best Price initiative? We want to offer you the most attractive prices on our website. However, if you find a better offer somewhere that we have overlooked, please contact us directly via e-mail: reservations@flemings-hotels.com. We will be happy to adjust our rate for you*.

*Depending on your selected rate and cancellation conditions.
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The Story of Flemings Hotels


Ignaz B. was working as a NYC taxi driver. One of his regulars – as luck would have it – was James Bond creator Ian Fleming. Their conversations could become quite animated, especially when it came to a certain topic: How to come up with the “ideal hotel.”
This inspired a dream that Ignaz could not let go of – to open a hotel that would meet the individual needs of each and every guest. Years later, his dream became a reality.

And he already knew the perfect name: Flemings!

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The brand promise of Flemings Hotels goes back to that of Ignaz B. His vision created our hotels and still carries them today: the ideal hotel as a place that belongs entirely to its guests. Founded by the joy of travel and encounter. Determined by attention to the details of individual experiences and an eye for the big picture: memorable experiences at fair conditions. Since then, we have continued to develop this heritage. Every day. With every guest. In the middle of the city. In the midst of the zeitgeist or surrounded by a timeless atmosphere in a historic setting. With us you can experience urban hustle and bustle or sit back. To regenerate or to work. For a local specialty or countless international cocktails. And always to feel at home. All Flemings hotels are united by their cleverly thought-out and to the point standards, which result from our understanding of perfect hospitality. Our guests and their individual needs are at the center of everything we do. We treat every guest with exceptional attention - whether for a single day or again and again.


We turn guests into friends, and friends into family. 


People make places. Our hotels are vibrant, inspiring places, reflections of their city and thus locations with character. People shape and enliven our hotels with their unique personalities. 


We are „moment makers“.


We are a meeting place. A retreat. With a sustainable foundation, we create places with sophisticated design, urban spirit, personal athmosphere. Guided by our mindset: Boutique at heart 




Flemings Selection Hotels

Flemings Selection Hotels represent places with timeless appeal and a culture of exceptional hospitality. Situated in historic urban spaces, our hotels combine zeitgeist and tradition. Flemings Selection Hotels combines excellent culinary experiences with style, comfort, art and culture. Guests enjoy an amazing experience that’s even better than home.


Flemings Hotels

Flemings Hotels stand for properties with an urban spirit. We combine contemporary decor with a casual atmosphere. It’s about simple, authentic experiences without unnecessary extravagance. We serve the best coffee – and gin and tonic – in town. Flemings Hotels are therefore the perfect starting point for finding inspiration and exploring the diversity of city life - or recovering from it.


Collection by Flemings

The Collection by Flemings hotels stand out with their distinctive character. They have their own history and tradition, which we both preserve and promote according to Flemings’ standards. The Collection offers opportunities to scale quickly and efficiently. With the suffix “by Flemings” next to their respective names, e. g. Metropolitan by Flemings, the brands’ image is renewed.