Welcome to Vienna!

When Schloss Schönbrunn, Stephansdom, Prater and Sachertorte immediately come to mind when thinking about Vienna, then these are only the familiar highlights of this diverse and exceedingly trendy city along the Danube.  For Vienna bristles with energy and a zest for life. Anyone who visits Vienna is traveling through two worlds. One leads to the historical splendor of the Kaiser period, the other to a UN city and a central European metropolis, characterized by a wide range of cultures and nationalities.

Pomp and circumstance at the metropolis along the Danube

When traveling in a horse–drawn carriage along the magnificent facades of the capital city along the Danube, a detour to the Hofburg, with the Spanish riding school and to the Sisi Museum is a must-see every bit as much as a quick jog to the world's oldest zoo, or to the Central Cemetery where the towering Ludwig van Beethoven rests in peace.

If you still have energy left after having made the obligatory coffee house visit and gone on a shopping spree, the pubs, restaurants, and project rooms at the Vienna Museum Quarter (MQ) beckon to the creative part of town with a vivacious nightlife. This is also where the Vienna fashion scene is at home with its own showrooms. Or how about a visit to the legendary Burgtheater, the second oldest theater in Europe?

Contrasting facets of tradition to modernity

But Vienna is also an internationally ranked venue for congresses, conference and trade shows, with facilities operated by important organizations such as the UN offices or OPEC.

Explore Vienna from its many diverse sides:  ranging from Gustav Klimt to Hundertwasser, from Mozart balls to Heuriger, from tradition to modernity – we are more than happy to reveal a few secret tips.

  • Concerts

    Find out which artists will soon be
    on stage in Vienna.

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    Concerts at Vienna City Hall

    The Vienna City Hall is the largest event venue in Austria and is only about a 10 minute walk from Fleming's Hotel Wien Westbahnhof. Many well known musicians and bands have already played on this stage. The following artists are scheduled to play at the City Hall in 2014:

    • 26 October 2014 John Legend
    • 01 November 2014 David Garrett
    • 02 November 2014 LADY GAGA'S artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball
    • 08 November 2014 Andrea Boticelli
    • 11 November 2014 The Piano Guys 2014
    • 11 November 2014 Annett Louisan
    • 21 November 2014 Reinhard Fendrich and Band "Best of Austria" with Seer & Wolfgang Ambros
    • 22 November 2014 Peter Kraus
    • 23 November 2014 Die Schlagernacht des Jahres (Pop songs of the year)
    • 03 December 2014 Die Fantastischen Vier (The Fantastic Four)
    • 05 December 2014 Udo Jürgens
    • 18 December 2014 Andy Lee Lang - Rockin' Christmas
  • Cultural events
    Cultural events

    For information about museum exhibitions, opera performances
    and other cultural events, please click here.

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    Vienna has such a diverse museum landscape that one would probably need months to see everything of note. The "Long night at the museums" on 04 October 2014 is an ideal first sampling. We highly recommend the Belvedere for starters. The following exhibits are scheduled for 2014:

    • 23 October 2014: In Monet's halo - Austrian artists and the works of Claude Monet
    • 13 November 2014: Martin van Meytens the younger