social commitment


Social commitment is a core element of the HMG philosophy. Accordingly, it is a dedicated partner to the cities and regions of its hotels, and primarily supports regional and federal projects, associations, and foundations, but repeatedly also international donation projects.

Kinderheim Christmas campaign

Thanks to its guests, HMG Hotels light up children's eyes each year at Christmas time. Children's wishes are displayed on the Christmas ornaments hung on Christmas trees in the hotel lobbies. Hotel and restaurant guests then have the opportunity to fulfill the children's wishes by purchasing an ornament for EUR 20.00. In Frankfurt, the donation initiative 2013 raised money for the "HilfefürkrebskrankeKindere.V." [Assistance for Children with Cancer], which has been doing everything in its power since 1983 to make the long and difficult road to recovery easier for children, teenagers, and adolescents with cancer and their families, and to strengthen their hope for a healthy life. The association offers a wide range of measures and assistance as a resource for those affected. With their contributions, guests at Fleming's Hotels in Vienna support the children's hospital network, which ensures care for children with serious illnesses and their parents. In Munich, the children from the "Salberghaus" - a children's therapeutic development center - are delighted by the generous donations from the guests.

S.O.S. Kinderdorf Bremen

Together with other facilities in Bremen, the children from the S.O.S. Kinderdorf enjoyed an afternoon at the movies and a visit to the Overseas Museum. They could then spend a night at the HMG's InterCityHotel in Bremen. The event was a rousing success and was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the team at the InterCityHotel Bremen.

Bambi campaign

"We collect chestnuts for Bambi" – after a successful conclusion in 2012 and 2103, the autumn campaign of the Fleming's Hotels was kicked off again under this motto – and the response from the population was overwhelming. Anyone who wanted to help the animals living in the woods in their search for food could drop off chestnuts at Fleming's Deluxe Hotel Frankfurt Main-Riverside. Eager collectors received a special reward from the hotel staff: an invitation to the hotel's Christmas bakery was handed out for every five kilograms of chestnuts. During the recent weeks, a large number of helpers have already dropped off more than three tons of chestnuts at Fleming's Deluxe Hotel Frankfurt Main-Riverside. At the end of the campaign, these were given to the "AlteFasanerie" wild deer park in Hanau/Klein-Auheim. The chestnuts were fed to fallow deer, red deer, and sika deer. HMG also accepted an animal sponsorship for a red deer stag.

Kindertafel Wuppertal

In Wuppertal, HMG also supported social facilities, such as the local Kindertafel, with smaller activities by the InterCityHotels Wuppertal. On special occasions, such as St. Martin, Easter, or during the advent period, the hotel kitchen is converted into a bakery, where the pros teach the children how to bake "Weckmänner" (rolls) and many other goodies.